What Punk Rock #ORMS is reading: The #Olympics edition

  1. How to resolve ties in Olympic events: and old Punk Rock OR post
  2. Why are their so many ties in swimming when the timing equipment can measure to the millionth of a second?
  3. Sprinters should start fast, everyone else should finish fast. An article on pacing during running events at the Olympics (with data and charts!)
  4. Katie Ledecky is so dominant she is like the Secretariat of swimming. An update to this article is here.
  5. Why nearly every sport except long distance running is fundamentally absurd
  6. Want to see a faster Olympic marathon? Move it to the Winter Olympics
  7. What ever happened to the long jump? The world record set 25 years ago “has edged against the limit of human potential, leading fewer athletes to take interest in ever challenging it—a negative feedback loop of fewer elite athletes competing in long jump and less television time being dedicated to it”
  8. “Heptathletes win points according to obscure, nonlinear formulae, inspired by a Viennese mathematician, Karl Ulbrich”
  9. The story behind the perfect photo of Olympic pain: an article about Mary Decker’s fall during the 3000 meter run during the 1984 Olympics
  10. New York Times interactive on Olympic athletes who were denies their medals because others were doping

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