Algorithms to live by

Algorithms to Live By: the Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths is a nice book about how to live an efficient life. The authors interviewed me and included some of our conversations in the book. Below I include a snippet from the book summarizing how I once used the Secretary Problem to accept and reject bids when selling my house. It was ultimately successful and also pretty stressful. I blogged about it here. Other excerpts are about my research in emergency response and how I use the critical path method to get my three daughters to school on time every morning.



Algorithms to live by on Punk Rock OR:

One response to “Algorithms to live by

  • Sami

    Just used this optimal stopping process in the other side, to decide which house to make an offer on. It worked out well – that offer was just accepted! (after some negotiation)

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