Punk Rock OR: A decade in review

As we mark the beginning of a new decade, I reflected on the last decade from a professional perspective. In the last decade I

  • Was nominated and won a National Association of Counties award with community partner Hanover County EMS for putting some of my research into practice
  • Was awarded a Young Investigator award and an NSF CAREER award
  • Had my third child
  • Was tenured at VCU
  • Was tenured at Wisconsin and moved to Madison
  • Had some personal setbacks and bounced back
  • Gave six keynote, plenary, and semi-plenary talks throughout the world in Germany, the Netherlands, and Brussels
  • Started new research in cybersecurity and disaster restoration
  • Served two terms on the INFORMS Board as VP of Marketing, Communications, and Outreach and notably took on big roles in the INFORMS advocacy efforts
  • Was awarded the INFORMS Impact Prize for my research in aviation security
  • Served one term as the Wisconsin CoE Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs
  • Graduated my first four PhD students
  • Am engaged as ever with teaching at Wisconsin
  • Met many new wonderful colleagues
  • Collaborated with fabulous colleagues

I’m looking forward to the coming decade!

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