Travel Bans Can’t Stop this Pandemic

My op-ed entitled “Travel bans can’t stop this pandemic” was published in The Hill. You can read it here.


One response to “Travel Bans Can’t Stop this Pandemic

  • Les Servi

    A key approach to controlling a pandemic is to lower R_0. Limiting the number of people (and time) people are near each other clearly lowers R_0. It follows that crowded airport wait lines and long flights hurt R_0. Given early signs of overtaxed medical resources in parts of the world I would argue that the costs justify the benefits.

    The structural difference between terrorrist attacts and pandemics is that the latter is a multiplicative process: it is nearly inconceivable that the number of attacks could increase by a factor of 200 in month (a daily 20% growth rate) but not for a pandemic.

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