Summer 2022 public outreach

I have three public outreach items to share from this summer. Details are below. I also recorded a podcast for the IISE Operations Research podcast series about OR for social good. This podcast should be released in September 2022. All my previous media appearances can be found on the “In the News” tab of this blog.

How are math and science used to affect traffic? A 2.5 minute video in UW-Madison’s “Were U Wondering” video series.

I published an Op-ed in The Hill with PhD student* Adam Schmidt entitled “States regulating ballot drop boxes should check the science first” based on his dissertation research that studies how operations research can help plan for resilient elections.

* Adam successfully defended his dissertation!

I was a guest on “Live at Four” on WISC-TV, Madison’s CBS affiliate to discuss whether you can increase your odds of winning MegaMillions (Spoiler: you can’t).

Science communication and public outreach are important, and I agree to as many of these requests as I can fit in my schedule.

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