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10 Principles for Changing Your Name as an Academic

I recently published an article in ORMS Today entitled “10 Principles for Changing your Name as a Mid Career Academic” that, as the name suggests, describes my process of changing my name five years ago and the lessons I learned along the way. The article expands upon an earlier blog post that I wrote in 2019.

Changing one’s name is emotionally and professionally challenging. Both the blog post and article are personal, and I wrote them because the topic is important yet rarely discussed among academics. The article is not only meant for those interested in changing their name. I also wrote it for those who work with, evaluate and create policy for academics undergoing name changes. I hope you read it, and please share the article if you find it to be useful.

Head over to ORMS Today to read the full article.

“We face many difficult journeys during our academic careers. The process of changing one’s name should not be one of them”