Football analytics roundup

In preparation of the Super Bowl tomorrow, I have a roundup of sports analytics blog posts from Punk Rock Operations Research for further reading:

  • Why the New England Patriot’s decision to let the New York Giants score a touchdown in the 2012 Super Bowl made sense [Link]
  • The Green Bay Packers should have gone for it on fourth down: my analysis using decision trees [Link]
  • Before Sabermetrics there was football analytics. The first paper on football analytics was published in Operations Research in 1979 and was written by National Football League player Virgil Carter [Link]
  • When should a football team attempt a two point conversion after a touchdown? A dynamic programming approach [Link]
  • Should a football team run or pass? How to choose the mix of offensive plays to run using game theory and linear programming [Link]


  • A recent episode of Resoundingly Human (the INFORMS podcast) features a sports analytics discussion with Walt DeGrange [Link]

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