Happy 10th birthday, Punk Rock Operations Research!

It’s been 10 years since my first blog post. Since then I’ve written 667 more posts that have received 1501 comments. Ten-percent of those comments were made by Paul Rubin. I am still blogging. I really love it otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. It’s hard for me to characterize why I love blogging so much, but hopefully my passion for it comes across in my blog.

Some of my most read posts include the following:

fitting three car seats in a Honda Civic: an exercise in decision-making under uncertainty
why my cookies turned green: a post on chemistry
snowblowing is NP-complete
what is the conditional probability of being struck by lightning?
ode to lab notebooks
How can ice cream trucks be profitable when gas costs $4 per gallon?
plantains and coupon collecting
werewolves and star wars: two exam questions
on vampires and stochastic processes
so you’re thinking about graduate school in operations research
how to win at Russian Roulette
what is the (conditional) probability of exploding when filling your car up with gas?

While not one of my most popular posts, chocolate chip cookies are Poisson distributed is one of my recent favorites that many people have mentioned to me.  I also like happiness is assuming the world is linear,” what I do for diversity and inclusion in the classroom,”  and about a dozen other posts I cannot remember. I also like my posts about teaching with technology, sports, and March Madness.

Since starting Punk Rock OR, I started a podcast that I should revive, an “In the News” section, and another (Badger Bracketology).

If you are at the Analytics conference, wish my blog a happy birthday!

What is your favorite Punk Rock OR post?




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